30 Sep

one foot on the ground - he's not running ! he?


It was Keith Burrows who suggested we nickname ourselves 'the Badgers' long, long ago it seems now.  We had entered our first competitive tournaments having enjoyed  a few friendlies and given our black and white kit the name suited us right down to the ground where these creatures thrive.  I read a summary of their characteristics at the time and they seemed so appropriate I only wish I could find it again but despite extensive searching I can't.

We have even more in common with Badgers now.  They are under threat like never before really and are being culled for no sound  good reason by licensed gunmen. Old men are threatened too. If this virus gets us in its sights we stand a good chance of shuffling off this mortal coil,  especially if we have other medical problems to boot.

So I've opened up  a page for the Badger here on this website,  because our badge means something.  From time to time I'll lay links down and you maybe will  follow the trail if you're interested in them, the people who make it their business to protect them and to keep an eye out for their welfare. 

If not then just walk on by, thanks for reading so far anyway.

credit: Louisa Smith

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