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We shall be holding our Christmas Party once again at Denton Golf Club on Thursday 16th December 2021.

Hot supper




All this excitement for only £12.50

For more information and to book please contact Dave Partington or  Gordon Nixon.


You'll remember our bucket collection from around Tiger Feet time when we donated a total of £160 to Denton Town F.C. One hundred of that went to Dave , 'the Fungal Punk' who is returning an end of the ground to nature and planting all manner of shrubs to attract bees and wildlife. A sustainable project that should flourish for years.

Well, we had an update from Dave  today.


Update - £35 quid gone - Raspberry and Gooseberry in, just acquired some herbs - Cat-Mint, Feverfew and Chicory and an Hebe that was £6.99 but going to be a belter.  I am now on the prowl for some house bricks to make one long edge to the area under the spade - all good stuff I hope.  Species count at the area now 162 🙂 - as per usual , thank youDave Higginson-Tranter

We're invited to visit soon to see things taking shape. Well take a camera - thanks to all who gave....



(visit the link for 85 photos)