04 Aug

Who will Colin select for his Over 70's squad - watch this space for news as it unfolds and for month on month reports from Heywood Sports Village and the Greater Manchester 'Walking' Football League......

Familiar to the format or not best read the 'CODE OF CONDUCT' from the Leagues own website.....

"Please can you read through this short document which has been put together to ensure all players understand how we are trying to develop the Greater Manchester Walking Football events moving forward. Could we ask that this document is shared by the club Managers/Organisers with all current players participating and also given to any new players joining any of our events in the future. 

While participating in any of the Greater Manchester Walking Football events everyone follows the Code of Conduct outlined below. The following Code of Conduct is designed to support the current rules and enhance the present game, promoting its further devolvement. Any person participating in any of the Greater Manchester Walking Football events agrees to abide by the Code of Conduct set out below. 

Code of Conduct Team Managers/Organisers: 

 Check that all the players registered to take part are in the agreed age category on the day of the matches. Ensure current and new players have had an opportunity to read the Code of Conduct.  Communicate to all players and supporters that any articles/photos or information shared on social media in relation to any Greater Manchester Walking Football events should be designed to help to promote its development in the future in a positive way.

Players at all times should:  Abide by the Laws of the Game understanding that the Referees decision is final.  Not run or jog on or off the ball, including the goalkeeper.  Ensure they play Non-Contact walking football.  Promote and endorse Fair Play. Respect themselves, fellow competitors and officials.  Abide by and accept in good grace the decisions of the officials. Never engage in gamesmanship, bullying, intimidating or unsporting behaviour.  Never engage in offensive, insulting, abusive or disrespectful language towards any other person or persons.

Thank you for being part of the Greater Manchester Walking Football programme of events, we look forward to seeing you soon."

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