20 Jun

Hi-D-Hi Another outfit marshalled from the rear by  a keen competitor.  

It's the resolute Colin Fielding this time who came up with the name based on the 1980's  tv sit-com. There'll be laughs (but hopefully lots of smiles)  for the opponents of this squad with the tall, often  imperious Fielding standing head and shoulders high at the back and keen to take home the 'David Wilson Trophy' to adorn  his own 'Sports-Bar' which on  a clear day can overlook Snowdonia from  the leafier lanes of Stalybridge.

Aided by speed walker Peter Wright, a relatively youthful (and very useful player)  fairly new to the game who always  makes a telling contribution, and the able and mobile  Steve Birtwistle who hopefully will have invested in  a new pair of trainer's by June 30th. After his last pair disintegrated last week.

 Hi-D-Hi are definitely among the contenders here. 

Joe Bemrose is battling to get fully fit and he always presents  a threat even when he isn't ! We all know Gentleman Joe, with  a 'hammer' of a left foot  the velocity of which  has been tempered and cultivated to meet the demands of a precision based game. Joe seldom fails to get on the scoresheet in Sweeper-Keeper,  often with unswerving accuracy.

Frank Matthews is a Rugby man - the game not the  Midlands town - but ever since taking up walking football in the chill of an early  2018 winter he has made rapid strides (not overly rapid) to attune himself to the spherical ball  game and has made remarkable progress.  A defensive bulwark, Frank will consistently  give of his best and had been known to pot the odd 'goal'.

Recent recruit Rob Rowney will provide some midfield guile for Colin with his passing ability. A facet of his game which has already been noticed and appreciated by team mates, and opponents alike. 

Steve Tomlinson will now complete the line up

Selection headaches then  for Colin , but he's sure to cope.  He usually does ! HO-DEE-HO !!

This team will play in Royal Blue bibs.

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