David Wilson

David Wilson
Printer and enthusiast

David Wilson handles most of the printing needs of the group from his home in Hyde. Dedicated and enthusiastic towards the game of walking football. He likes to play on the flanks and scores a fair number of goals. An accredited Referee who these days concentrates  on playing the game he loves. A fundamental figure at King Street David writes.. "My Health Conditions include Epilepsy, Diabetes and high cholesterol.
I started playing Walking Football in 2015 i was around 13 stone and a little overweight. I started playing at Glossop, then i played competitive walking football which I enjoyed very much for a couple of years.
I gave up competitive games for health reasons but still played at Curzon Ashton and Denton, the Walking Football has helped me to control my conditions.
I am healthier now than i was and my weight is down to just under 12 stone and I'm very happy. I play with some great lads Tuesdays and Thursdays at Denton, I have played in the GMWF league and the Over 65's at Heywood. I am also a member of the committee at Tameside Striders so if there is a time I cannot play Alan our Secretary/Treasurer often gives me something to do, so Walking Football has changed my life in more ways than one.
My  health conditions are under control.  I really would not know what I would be doing without Walking Football.  If I cannot make it one week I get very upset,  we also arrange social activities such as dining out as a group and we share a great camaraderie.  This current lockdown is not an easy period for me,  as I miss the game and the sense of coming together as a group to play twice a week.