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Tameside Striders is a Walking Football group which meets to play every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the year at Denton Youth F.C. King Street, in Denton.
Also known as Denton Walking Football Group.
THIS IS NOT FOOTBALL but a slower, reduced risk derivative aimed at older players for exercise and enjoyment.
We are carrying forward the walking football initiative facilitated by Age UK Tameside and although our ‘Badgers’ form the competitive element at Over 70 level we’re primarily concerned with internal games. We will play friendly games with other teams from time to time.
The over 70’s team were founder members of the Greater Manchester Walking Football League at Heywood Sports Village.

We are on our superb synthetic pitch for five hours a week. Tuesday from ten am. it's 'Over 68' hour plus and then from just after eleven am. the 'Unders' get their game. All players are over fifty years of age. Average age is 67. The games are fairly competitive but the ethos of our group is based on enjoyment. Any ego's are left at home and as a mixed ability group we tend to play with smiles on our faces most of the time although foul weather can challenge that. All weather pitch, all weather players. And though results matter, they are not important.  We finish with a cup of tea or coffee (outdoors at the moment)  and generally put the world to rights.

Men 70 + and 65 + , and women over 45 years of age attend our Thursday session imaginatively called ‘DENTON THURSDAY’ however we try to match abilities and this may result in women attending a different session.

Some  sessions are currently playing A.S.K.A.N.C.E. a 'sweeper/keeper and  non-contact experience' a novel form of the game using mini goal posts and dispensing with goalkeepers. This is a more technical, precision passing form of walking football and removes some of the power shooting element which a few  players prefer. It's great fun for the more proficient player as well as those of lesser ability. Super enjoyment based exercise. An alternative to the conventional walking football format which we have just re-introduced at some sessions following easing of lockdown restrictions.

When new players turn up at our Tuesday & Thursday sessions they must first fill in a routine basic health screening form which is deposited with the Secretary. The form includes emergency contact details and a disclaimer to acknowledge the signee agrees they are playing the game at their own risk.
There can be no exceptions to this rule. Spaces are now extremely limited, it's regretted that new people cannot just turn up and expect to get a game.
Walking Football has caught on all around the country. We will soon have to introduce a waiting list !
However, if you do want to play with us, do not attend with a highly competitive win-at-all-costs attitude because you’ll soon be found out and advised you’re in the wrong place. As stated we play first and foremost for enjoyment. A non-contact measured game . We do not want anyone going home by way of a Hospital. Remember most of us are knocking on a bit so treat opponents and team mates with respect, and with a duty of care.

We always have a short warm up with stretching and limbering up to get bodies attuned to the demands of walking football which can be quite strenuous. Cameras are often around and there may be a team photo and some action shots too. Sometimes we video our games for the group’s website. Tongue in cheek match reports help reinforce a feeling of camaraderie and belonging. Performances are NOT criticised. You must be prepared for your photograph and name appearing on our website and social media.

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For internal , weekly games players supply their own shirts, shorts and socks (or jog pants/track suit bottoms etc. – any kind or colour of tee shirt will do. Players are supplied with black and white ‘bibs’ to differentiate between the teams. These are yours to keep, so please bring both bibs to every session you attend. Wear Astro trainers designed for Astroturf. NOT FOOTBALL BOOTS. Astro trainers have ‘pimpled’ soles. They are now compulsory footwear at our sessions.
If we play external games against other clubs then we will provide kit, and laundering. The rules we play to are easy to learn. The main one being – NO RUNNING and Non-Contact. write them and they differ a little to national rules. 99% of games are Refereed, we have several qualified and accredited officials in our group. Additional sweeper/keeper rules can be found on the relevant page on this website - check the menu for 'more'.
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There WILL BE physical contact of course, by the games very nature. In the current circumstances we aim for ZERO contact and that sets a high bar. Not all contact will be adjudged a 'foul'. NO sliding tackles or heavy challenges are allowed. Shoulder charging is ruled out and there is a ban on ALL upper body contact too. No heading the ball. Play is stopped if ALL of the ball goes over head height roughly (6ft.6" for the WHOLE of the ball )Our aim is to reduce the chances of injury to a minimum. So, rediscover the thrill of scoring a goal or making a decisive pass. If you miss playing a team sport, and have not played for years it’s never too late. There is NO upper age limit.Our most senior player is 86! Just arrive with an open mind and don’t take yourself too seriously. Play with a smile on your face and put some fun into your life. We are all of mixed ability – some who can play a bit, some average, and some who might need to sharpen up a little. That can come with practice. All are welcome and the sessions are inclusive. Even the best players make mistakes at Denton (they do everywhere else too).

It has to be stressed once more  that  we are approaching capacity. So ring Tony at 07502 971116 if you are keen to try the game and he will try to accommodate you.