In 2018 the group purchased a Canon camcorder and tripod. Up until then Alan's own equipment had been used quite extensively and all of our videos were hosted on the French site dailymotion.com.
When we also purchased a new 'Acer Aspire' laptop in the same year and up to date editing software - Pinnacle Studio 22 - that was when the video production commenced in earnest and Tamestriders T.V. was born on youtube.

We now have over 350 videos online. Mostly match action from internal games and competitions. There are interviews and other features too. Visits number in the tens of thousands altogether and the channel has been a good return on the above investment of approximately £650.

Along with existing footage on Daily Motion that makes for about 500 different clips of varying length. I think we can confidently say this far outstrips any other walking football organisation, club or group in terms of output. For instance the Walking Football Association who trumpet their video channel often have very little content. Eleven videos - though some are slickly edited . Mainly to cut out scenes of running - we have a 'warts and all' policy.

Others have started their own walking football t.v. channels but have fallen away.

The labour element in editing all of our footage has been given free of charge and voluntarily. Countless hours of work...and waiting for uploads which some won't even think about.

Can you sense a BUT coming ?

Well , you won't get that from me. I really enjoy my hobby of capturing and editing game video. Yes, of course I wish I featured in it more often myself. But of course that requires other hands on the camera and other voices at the microphone. Young Eve may re-appear at some point and we have the gravel voice and common sense commentary of Tony Cravagan sometimes too.

More volunteers would be welcome - you may surprise yourself with a flair for camera work and commentary.

Please keep viewing Tamestriders t.v. because as long as there's demand the output will continue.
If you do watch the channel sometime PLEASE subscribe. It costs absolutely nothing, the more subscribers we get the better. Videos are NOT monetized incidentally and there is no financial reward whatsoever in the video output.
Wish list? A better pro' level camera would be good. A 'high pad' elevating camera platform would be fantasy stuff (££££'s) ...
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