Gordon Nixon

Popular and pragmatic

Gordon Nixon is a resolute defender with indomitable spirit . Very supportive of his team mates. A real walking football enthusiast who as Chairman of the group is quick to get behind  all aspects of innovation and progress. A popular man he is even handed and  well liked.  Usually one of the first on the scene at King Street on Tuesday mornings and a major figure in all aspects of setting up, and packing up. 

"I got to thinking the other day how fortunate l am, along with millions of others to have been born in the 1950's.
l am sure we didn't appreciate it in our early years, but now fast approaching 70, I think we are a generation which has lived through historic times.
I came along only only five years after the end of World War 2. When the Korean war was raging. The Vietnam war was not far off in terms of time . The threat of the Cuban missile crisis, J.F. Kennedy's assassination , England winning the World Cup ! , the first moon landing, the Berlin wall went up and was torn down again. Rock and roll, the swinging 60's,war for our country in the Falkland Islands in the 80's and of course more latterly , Brexit. We thought we'd seen it all and then comes Coronavirus. Which is a crisis of staggering proportions and will leave a black cloud hanging over our history
We have had our share of momentous events, our share of memories.
Thinking back to 2016, Walking Football came along for me and the start of a chapter in my life that cannot sit alongside the world events of my seventy years, but to me personally will always be as important.
I don't need to tell you who play the importance of the health benefits, or how good the camaraderie amongst us is, and the friendships that have been formed. What I am sure of is what ever your memories of the past seventy years or so, Walking Football will be very much amongst the good ones."
Gordon Nixon

Gordon's message to the group in 'lockdown' May 23rd. 2020