11 Aug

Pre season friendly awaits the 70's...

Alan Richards  is putting together a team to face the Over 70's competitive squad on September 2nd. at King Street.  He's already made overtures to several players who have responded positively. It's looking like a six or seven a side game but Colin Fielding will have the final say on this. Hadge Cooper and John Leech have already signalled a willingness to play,  as has David Partington if he is over his eye surgery by then.  Gerry Markland and Brian Hadfield are also in the frame for this match as is Richards himself. Roy Smith has been approached as have other players in  a quest to get this game on and give the 70's a test before Heywood.  

Referee to be confirmed for the game  which incidentally will not involve any cost to our players.  Our grant from the Football Foundation will subsidise the pitch rental.

There may (just may)  be another afternoon game too, and we hope to give others an opportunity to play.   However this will have to be organised by Colin himself in mid September time, as Alan will be missing from King Street for a couple of weeks.

All players are reminded of the need to wear shin guards for this match as a pre-cursor to competitive league walking football for half of those on the pitch. 

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