20 Jun

Led from the back by seasoned campaigner Hadge Cooper who lives in  a smart cul-de-sac off  Town Lane,  the squad  is composed of those residing locally. 'Real Denton' if you like.

Cooper, always a steady and reliable  performer will look to his near neighbour  front-man  Mike Caldwell for goals - from any angle - sometimes his rapid shuffling gait of mini-steps  comes close to infringement but he has established  a remarkable goal scoring record.  

No doubt  Mike  will be backed up by the regular striking exploits of Paul Theobald who may have to rely less on his undoubted power and more on accuracy in this format of walking football.  'Theo'  recently revealed his versatility with  a successful  stint between the sticks in the conventional game.

If Laurie O'Toole can overcome recent  his injury troubles  he will reinforce  the middle of the team and is always willing to share the load with  a strong sense of commitment to the cause. Enthusiasm unbounded sums up Laurie's attitude.

Pete Collins  also living  close to Cooper's  and who's  availability was in some doubt - but his unflappable nature in the rearguard will no doubt be a boon if he can make the day at Hyde.Big Jim Pelling, another 'part-time keeper'  from nearby Circular Road will provide  a formidable barrier to the back line which will no doubt be patrolled by Hadge who will be eyeing the 'David Wilson Trophy' with  a view to taking it home with him.

All players are well known to the group and it's a knocking bet that any 'will to win' will be tempered by restraint and a sense of perspective. A mention for Phil Livesey who qualified  for  the squad but unfortunately will not be able to play on the day. Get well soon Phil. Team selection may be a headache with such quality to choose from but Hadge is a canny football man and no doubt his Neighbours will chip in with advice.  The team will play in Striders Stripes. 

Good luck to all have an enjoyable day.We'll put another team in 'the eye of the Tiger' later....watch this space !

STOP PRESS: Dave Gibbons is a late addition.

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