02 Jul

Just a few direct quotes from our social media platforms...

"Thanks so much Eve and Tom with the photographs and videos"  ~~V O'B

"We shouldn’t forget the efforts of Eve and Tom with the photographs and videos of today Please thank them from everyone Alan"  ~ ~ KY

"Thanks for all the work involved in organizing a great day, and thanks to all the refs, and thanks to everyone who joined in what was a fabulous, fun day" ~~ BL

"A great day, lots of fun and football. Big thanks to all who organised, refereed, and provided some good banter. Well done again everyone" ~~JK

"Thank you Alan and the Referees and everyone else involved for making today a memorable day"  ~~ MT

"Great day of Walking football today, a massive thank you to everyone who took part today" ~~  DC 

"Thanks to all today for what was a fabulous tournament enjoyed by  everyone that took part.The look on Mike Taylor's face when he knew he'd won was priceless but no more than he deserved not only a great sweeper keeper but one of the world's good people he would help anyone. Thanks again to all for your time,the committee,the referees the photographers but of course thanks to Alan Richards.........."  ~~ SS

"Great day yesterday for all our walking football players when the Tuesday players met the Thursday players. Congratulations to Ewen Villa and Ewen Yours for being top teams and Ewen Villa for winning the penalty shoot out. Congrats to Mike Taylor for the best keeper/sweeper. Thanks to everyone for attending and making the day so enjoyable and thanks to Hyde United for allowing us to use the fantastic pitch. Special mention to all the Referee's, without them it couldn't have happened and to Eve and Tom for all the fabulous pics and videos and David Wilson for providing the trophy but most of all a mega thanks to Alan Richards whose came up with the idea and the massive amount of work to make it happen.Thanks so much Alan from everyone.
If I've missed anyone out then sorry and thanks to them also" CF

Thanks Colin , your words are appreciated and echoed to all who helped out, or just made the day special with their attendance and participation. I'm sorely tempted to say let's make it an annual event whilst taking nothing for granted of course. The template is there now after all. Plus I can see myself down at Ewen Fields watching a game or three next season too. I've developed an instant fondness for the place" AR


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